Meet your Baristas

Mara Beaton is one of Adbibo Coffee Co.’s original baristas, joining the team when doors opened in 2013.  In addition to serving up phenomenal hot and cold beverages, Mara bakes most of the tasty treats available at the coffee shop.  In fact, she has completed her baking and pastry degree!  Mara is also the resident expert at the large variety of teas that Adbibo carries.  Adbibo has been blessed by Mara’s artistic talent and grants full credit to the painting in the entryway of the coffee shop to her creation. 

Originally from New Hampshire, and by way of North Carolina and New Jersey, Mara has called Richmond home for nearly 10 years.  Mara lives with her dogs, Addy and Chloe, her cats, Alice and O’Malley, and her five pet parrots.  Her biggest passion is for the natural world.  She loves animals, and especially birds.  Mara enjoys traveling, gardening (she grows veggies, herbs and cacti), challenges and learning new skills.  She enjoys going to concerts and loves Alice in Wonderland and Edgar Allen Poe. 

Now the Roasting and Production Manager, Mary Doerr started with Adbibo as a barista within a year of its opening. Curious about the beginning steps of coffee, she started to gain a strong affinity for roasting and production.  She began apprenticing under Dan in 2014, and roasted nearly 2,000 pounds of green coffee in her first six months of learning.  In 2015, she attended Coffee Lab International’s School of Coffee in Vermont, and her goal is to maintain consistency and passion within her roasting. 

Mary was born and raised in Richmond and graduated from VCU in 2012 with two Bachelor’s degrees in French and International Cinema.  When Mary is not joking around with her Adbibo family and playing with new coffee gadgets in the shop, she is spending time with her husband, Cory.  Mary enjoys trying different types of craft and international beer, film, music, reading, interior design, and food. Her love for the French language and cinema led to her three-year internship at the French Film Festival (during which she met her husband).  She has traveled to nearly a dozen countries and is itching for her next adventure.  Mary has three older brothers (who are also her best friends) and is the mom of two dogs, a Boston Terrier/ Chihuahua mix named Joey, and a Pug named Edgar.

Lilah Solo Lawson joined the Adbibo Coffee Co. team in November of 2015, having been a regular customer for about a year. She is a versatile member of the Adbibo team. While you may recognize her as a friendly face behind the espresso bar, she typically works more behind the scenes. During production of roasting and packaging, she assists Mary with filling orders. In spite of the extensive multitasking that goes into her day, she loves every minute of it.

Lilah was born in Bangkok, Thailand where her father worked as a missionary teaching English, and her mother worked as a nurse.  Immediately after she was born, her family moved to North Carolina.  At the age of ten, her family moved from their home in the US to Wiesbaden, Germany.  Over the course of the next eight years, Lilah had the opportunity to travel to several countries throughout Europe.  She moved to the Richmond area in early 2012 where she met her husband, Jared.  She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts and aspires to be an animator.

In her free time, Lilah enjoys knitting, reading fantasy novels, drawing, watching horror films, playing video games, and spending time with her husband and their dog and cat, Aries and Margot.