About the Café

Take time out to smell the coffee! Coffee is great any time of day and we have plenty of options for you. Our roasterie features a full-service coffee shop as well as retail shopping. We have a full line of espresso and coffee drinks, tea, smoothies, protein shakes as well as other specialty drinks. Hot coffee is great anytime, but if you like a cool drink, try our iced coffee or iced tea. We are able to make any of our in-stock tea as iced if you want to custom order.

Our light fare includes breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches and wraps, snacks and homemade pastries and treats.

We have plenty of comfortable seating, free WIFI and nice surroundings – making it a great place to sit and stay awhile. We open early in the morning – perfect for meeting early in the day. We welcome group meetings anytime.

If you are a tea lover, we have an outstanding and constantly growing selection of over 75 teas. We carry a wide variety, including black, green, white, rooibos, and herbal and fruit teas. If you have a tea you buy regularly and we don’t have it, we will try and get it for you.

Our retail shop features a variety of tea and coffee supplies, and equipment at reasonable prices. We carry manual brew equipment, coffee brewers, tea accessories, manual and electric grinders as well as some neat gadgets.

Kiddos Welcome!

Our shop has a children’s section where kids can play or read.  It is an opportunity to have quiet activity in a safe space while you enjoy your drink and snack.

We also have a variety of food and drink items for children, including juice boxes, squeezable yogurt, hot chocolate with whipped cream, and many other items.

About the Owner

Long ago, in a land far away…. Ok, over 20 years ago while living in Alaska the idea of opening a coffee shop was brewing. Add to that a deep interest in coffee roasting and Adbibo Coffee Company owner, Dan Allen’s, long passion for coffee led to the opening of Adbibo Coffee Company in 2013.

Dan’s love for coffee started in his parent’s cafe as an early teen long before specialty coffee became popular and coffee shops were widespread. Never satisfied with run of the mill coffee, Dan searched out fresh roasted, or at least top quality coffee, and often had his own French press going at the office when others thought the “red can” coffee was good enough. After regularly visiting a small local roasting shop the appeal of roasting grew and Dan started roasting as a hobby, and then for family and friends. Dan soon combined that love with the idea of opening his own business.

Long hours and a lot of effort result in joy for Dan as he is able to bring fresh roasted coffee to his friends and customers – in the shop, around the state of Richmond, and around the country where he now ships regularly.

Coffee Roasting

We roast all of our coffee in-house in small batches on our high quality 15 kilo conduction coffee roaster. We feel this roasting method produces better quality coffee – enhancing aroma, caramelizing sugar, flavor development and shelf life.

You will not find barrels or bulk bins of roasted coffee here – only quality packages of fresh-roasted coffee. We roast and then quickly cool our coffee and package it the right way in air barrier bags that are nitrogen flushed for longevity. Our bags have an on-way valve which allows gas emitted by the coffee to escape while protecting the beans from incoming air. Roasted coffee emits carbon dioxide released by the roasting process, which continues for some time after roasting. If left exposed to air the coffee beans become stale relatively quickly (which is why we don’t use barrels or bins). We package our coffee as whole beans but will grind it for you and reseal it to keep it fresh.

Stop by and see our wide variety of roasted coffees – which variety changes regularly. If you don’t see your favorite on the shelf we can roast it for you relatively quickly.

We do custom roasting including private label roasting, commercial, bulk, wholesale and retail. We will roast for a qualified organization fund-raiser and can put your artwork on a custom label for you. If you would like a special label and package size for an event or gift, please let us know and we will work with you on a design or use yours if possible.

We package any of our coffee in Adbibo single serve cups for use in Keurig® and compatible machines.  If you like the Keurig® system and want fresh roasted coffee, we are the place to come.

If you have a question related to any of our products or services do not hesitate to call us at (804) 464-2919, or send us an email at sales@adbibocoffee.com.